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Statewide Census Information

Population Determines Economic Impact

NC map of estimated population by county

Estimated Population 2017

North Carolina's estimated statewide population in 2017 was 10,283,255.

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NC map of economic impact by county

Overall Economic Impact

More than $1,623 per person in federal aid and $205 in state aid are distributed annually in North Carolina based directly or indirectly on the census count. CHIP, Medicare and Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps), Head Start, Foster Care and National School Lunch Program grants, and Highway planning and construction grants (including the NC Powell Bill) rely on census information.

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Response Rate Economic Impact

The NC Office of State Budget and Management and the NC Complete Count Commission conducted an analysis of nonresponse on county and congressional district funding. The report shows how many funds are at risk based on how many households have not completed the census. Statewide, the estimated impact of nonresponse as of August 11 is at least $7.4 billion annually.

At Risk Funding Fact Sheet

Census Data Brings Tax Dollars Back to Your Community

Select a county from the map to view the economic impact for that county. Approximate fiscal impact for the largest federal and state programs are shown. Actual federal funding to counties varies by program participation. State fiscal impacts for the two largest programs: State Street-Aid and Sales & Use Tax Distributions. Note: Not all state fiscal distributions included.

County Response Rates in 2010 Census, In Percent

2010 Plus 5%!

The county response rates shown in the map are the percentage of 2010 Census questionnaires mailed back by households that received them.  Census enumerators visit non-responding households to make sure everyone is counted once, only once, and in the right place.  The higher a county’s participation rate, the better their Census count will be – and that count is very important for the county’s future.   Our goal is to improve our participation rate by 5% from our 2010 response rates.



response rates by NC county, in percentages, for 2010 Census

North Carolina Population Trends

North Carolina has grown during each decade since Thomas Jefferson directed the first census. In 1790, less than half a million people were counted in North Carolina.  By 2010, 120 years later, there were 9.5 million people living in North Carolina - 24 times the population of 1790.  In recent decades, North Carolina’s numeric growth has been substantial – adding over 500,000 people in each decade beginning with the 1960s.  In the last decade 1.5 million people were added to the state (an 18.5% increase from the 8.0 million people living in North Carolina in 2000).

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