Final Push Census 2020

What's At Stake & How You Can Help

Time is running out to complete the Census. With over 4 million North Carolinians to be counted there is no time to waste! The Final Push NC Census 2020 Toolkit includes talking points, sample social media posts, graphics, images and more to help drive the urgency of a complete and accurate Census count and to further increase participation across the state.

Download and access items from the below toolkit and help #MakeNCCount!

The Final Push NC Census 2020 Toolkit

**Please note: These documents refer to the Sep 30 deadline but are otherwise accurate. Edits are in progress and new documents will be posted as they are revised.**

NC Complete Count Committees

North Carolina’s goal is to ensure each and every resident of North Carolina is counted and we rely upon community partnerships and outreach to help! Organizations, local governments and communities established Complete Count Committee (CCC) across the state to help educate the public, raise awareness and promote Census participation. The North Carolina Complete Count Commission partners with regional and local CCC to increase participation and help achieve the most accurate and complete count of North Carolina's residents. 

Finding a Complete Count Committee

The most recent list of Complete Count Committees in North Carolina as provided by the US Census Bureau can be found at US Census Complete Count Committee List. It is not too late to join a committee and help with Census 2020 outreach. If you don’t see a committee for your area, there may still be options. Check with your local municipality offices/websites, area colleges/universities, common community and advocacy groups (ie. chamber of commerce, league of women voters), and even churches or neighborhood associations. In some cases, formalized committees may not exist but significant and important activities may be planned.

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Types of Local Complete Count Committees

  • Tribal, state, and local governments
  • Community-based organizations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • The Media
  • And others

What do Complete Count Committees do?

  • CCCs utilize local knowledge, influence, and resources to educate communities and promote the census through locally based, targeted outreach efforts.
  • CCCs provide a vehicle for coordinating and nurturing cooperative efforts between tribal, state, and local governments; communities; and the Census Bureau.
  • CCCs help the Census Bureau get a complete count in 2020 through partnerships with local governments and community organizations.

Strategies to Reach Hard to Count Populations