NC Census Outreach & Engagement Toolkit

Branding Visuals

Branding Visuals

The concept of a trusted, local voice has tested as one of the most powerful ways to engage people about the census, especially in hard-to-count populations. To help with this, we have created the Make NC Count logo and have added local branding to many US Census promotional items. Be sure to visit the website for the Make NC Count logo, social media avatar, and e-board template. Please use these as you wish within emails, newsletters, flyers, mailings, websites, social media, etc. to further reinforce trusted voice messaging and enhance your outreach efforts.

Logos and Social Media Images

Census Avatar
Census Carousel Banner
Census Social Media Square
Census Social Media Square
Census Social Media Square
Make NC Count Logo (PNG)
Make NC Count Logo (PDF)


Headers and Footers

 Make NC Count Header/Footer (Color)
 Make NC Count Header/Footer (Black & White)


Presentation E-Board

Presentation Template












Communication Tools

Communication Tools

We provide a selection of materials to help you actively communicate with your target audience and educate communities about the census. This section offers items you can use for speaking engagements, presentations, social media, website content and newsletters. We invite you to use the content as needed in the best format for your audience. And don't forget to check out the Census Bureau's informational videos available in English and Spanish!

Presentation Templates

Cost of Undercount
NC Census PowerPoint Template
NC Census Presentation 
NC Census Response Information 


NC Contact Strategy

NC Contact Strategy


Talking Points

 NC 2020 Census Talking Points


Social Media Posts

Make NC Count Social Media Sample Posts


Drop-in Articles

NC 2020 Census Drop-in Articles



NC 2020 Census Speech Drop


Outreach Tools

Outreach Tools

The NC Complete Count Commission has created a variety of materials unique to North Carolina and messages that our residents inquire about most available for download and sharing. Below is a selection of community outreach messaging and general information. Some pieces are posted at with the NC Logo also added. If you see something that works well for your audience and want to include the Make NC Count logo within the piece, let us know as we may be able customize.

Looking for more materials? Check out the Census Bureau's Outreach Materials.

Navigating the Outreach Toolkit

Navigating the Outreach Toolkit


Census Brochures, Fliers and Other Handouts

Census 101 Flier (English version)
Census 101 Flier (Spanish version)
Census 101 Half Sheet Flier
Census Brochure
Census NC General Flier
Common Misconceptions (English version)
Confidentiality Fact Sheet (Spanish version)
General Census Timeline
How You Can Make NC Count
Reaching African American Audiences
Toll Free Language Response Lines


Census Posters

Census Poster (11x17)
General Census Poster (11x17)


Specialty Items

Specialty Items

This area contains specific use materials such as bookmarks and response site signage. Check back soon as more materials will be added!

Speciality Items

Avoid Fraud and Scams Handout
Census Card
Confidentiality Flier 1
Confidentiality Flier 2
I Counted NC
I Counted NC Coloring Sheet
NC Census Calling Card
Response Location Flier
Yard Sign 1 (Landscape)
Yard Sign 2 (Portrait)